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Monthly Archives: April 2013

Stay Calm and Prevent Road Rage

Road rage affects all drivers at some point. You may feel the rage on your morning commute, while your teen may sense it after school. Many factors trigger road rage, so there are several ways to calm yourself down when you feel the anger rising. Here are some simple steps to reducing road rage. Once you understand the ideas, ask your teenager if he or she ever gets angry when driving. Let them know that it is a common problem- you experience it, too. Plan your route before any trip to avoid traffic spots and rush hour. Your trip might not be direct, but avoiding the traffic hot spots will help you stay calm. Follow the traffic on an app on your phone or a local news site before you hop in the car. If you notice an aggressive driver who is trying to start something, do not make eye contact with him or her. Keep your distance and focus on your own driving. When another driver makes you angry, take several slow deep breaths. F ... read more


Driver Safety

Stressed Drivers: What to Do About Road Rage

When was the last time you got stressed on the road? It happens nearly every day. There you are, calmly entering the traffic flow on the highway or pulling out of your neighborhood. The next thing you know, a car pops up out of thin air and conveniently slips itself into the small space between you and the car you’re following. Maybe the driver behind you lays on the horn, waving both fists at you and shouting. All drivers witness road rage, but how we handle the stress is important. Road rage is a very real part of driving. We want you and your family to stay safe on the road, so this series of blog posts will focus on how to handle other aggressive drivers and how to ease your rage on the road. Read on to see what to do when the drivers around you get a bit hostile. When you see a driver getting angry or acting aggressive, your gut reaction might be to respond in anger. There are three simple reasons to avoid getting mad. The first is that y ... read more


Auto Safety

Get Ready to Road Trip: Spring Auto Maintenance

Spring has arrived and with it comes the urge to hop in the car, roll down the windows and hit the open road. At the first sign of a sunny day, I know that I start making excuses to take long drives. Before we set out on a road trip, we need to make sure our cars are ready for spring. Take care of some spring cleaning maintenance tasks now to make sure your car stays in good condition all season. After a long winter, you might want your mechanic to complete a thorough maintenance review of your vehicles. The mechanics at D&R Autoworks know just how winter driving can affect your vehicle, so we are ready to investigate and make any repairs you need. Give us a call at (847) 433-4343 to set up an appointment. Wash the salt off your car. Giving your car a thorough cleaning will help it run better (and look better!). Make sure your car wash sprays under the car to clear out all the road salt that has built up. Check and replace your air filt ... read more


Auto Care

Common Mistakes Good Drivers Make

Most drivers don’t realize that 6.3 million car crashes take place on the roads each year. Many of these accidents involve good drivers. Here are 5 of the most common mistakes that good drivers make and how you can avoid them. 1. Too Much Confidence You’ve been driving forever and you have to admit, you’re a pretty good driver. Guess what .. just about everybody on the road thinks they’re a great driver and most of them disobey driving safety on a regular basis, using cell phones or thinking the speed limit equals what the sign reads + 5. Take some time to evaluate your driving weaknesses and don’t fall into the trap of thinking that your vehicle’s advanced safety features will be enough to keep you safe on the road. 2. Multi-Tasking According to a study at the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, 80% of crashes are preceded by some form of distraction. At 60 mph you can cross the distance of a football field before gett ... read more


Driver Safety
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