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Monthly Archives: May 2013

Tips for Safe Travels this Memorial Day

Many of you are probably taking off today to enjoy your Memorial Day weekend somewhere else. However, since many of us have the same idea, this is going to cause crowded highways and possibly some backed up traffic. Memorial Day Weekend is in fact one of the busiest for car travel; right up there with the Fourth of July. As you probably know, more cars on the road means more auto accidents. Because of this, law enforcement will be out in full force. Before heading to the lake this weekend (or wherever), we encourage drivers to: –Top off your vehicle’s fluids, especially the coolant –Have your batteries checked, especially if they’re a few years old –Make sure your tires have adequate air –If you’re going for a long drive, get an oil change Drinking and Driving – Don’t Even Try State and local law enforcement will be cracking down this weekend with sobriety checkpoints in an attempt to minimize alcohol-relat ... read more


Auto Safety

Is Your Car Ready for Summer?

If you live in an area with very hot and humid summer, it’s important to remember the toll it takes on mechanical components such as your car. Here are some ways to get your vehicle ready for the hot months of summer: Rotate Tires If you still have your snow tires, remove them in order to not wear them down on the dry pavement. If you don’t need to change your tires, have them rotated with the new season. Check Tire Pressure It is very critical for your car to be driving on properly inflated tires for safety and maintenance. You may need to check your owner’s manual for the optimal tire pressures. If you need to adjust the pressure, do so before you forget. Having the correct amount of pressure will help your tires last longer and even improve your gas mileage. Also, do not check your tire pressure during very high temperatures because the air pressure in a warm tire tends to rise. Oil Change This time when ... read more


Auto Care

School Bus Safety

As the weather improves and the sun stays out longer, we find ourselves heading to more outdoor activities. This might mean that you take your pets with you more often. Maybe you drive them to the park or let them go with you while you run errands. Having your pets with you can be fun and, at times, necessary, but having pets in the car while you drive increases the risk of a crash. A recent study showed that both the overall and at-fault crash rates for drivers 70 years of age and older were higher for those who often let pets ride with them. Researchers at the University of Alabama-Birmingham completed this study. The results point out a part of distracted driving that we typically forget. While we usually recognize texting, passengers and cell phone conversations as big driver distractions, we don’t often discuss the dangers of pets in the car. Having your furry friend in the car, whether restrained or unrestrained, is a major distraction. Potential risks of ... read more


Driver Safety

Keeping Your Old Car Fresh

Old cars have the habit of making the owner feel run down and downtrodden. If this is the case, it might be time to take the time to boost an old car’s self esteem and create good habits to keep your car new and vibrant. 1. Clean even the darkest corners in the interior. Take the extra time to care for the inside of your car. This means vacuuming, wiping the interior, and paying attention to the parts that probably haven’t been cleaned for years. The thing to remember with an old car is that it has lived many years for dust and waste to build up and go unnoticed. 2. Replace outdated electronics. Your stereo system and speakers may be extremely outdated because of the age of your car. Maybe it is time to relieve that blown speaker and even replace your whole stereo system. Stereo systems do not have to cost an arm and a leg, and it is even a plus if you can install it yourself or have a friend who knows how. 3. Replace h ... read more


Auto Care
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